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gaycomicgeek review mxxx hardest ride

The GayComicGeek Review: MXXX: The Hardest Ride

June 23, 2017
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Ride Hard & Get Ridden Harder

June 20, 2017

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Sneak Peek: “MXXX: The Hardest Ride”

June 16, 2017

Winners Baby! Grabby Awards 2017

May 28, 2017


Celebrating 4/20 The Gay Porn Way

April 20, 2017
gay porn stars smoking pot

Today in Gay Porn Stars Smoking Pot: The Butt Bong

January 23, 2017

gay porn star orgy nakedsword

A Killer Can’t Stop This Six Load Orgy

November 16, 2016
tom faulk wesley woods flip fuck nakedsword

Tom & Wesley Are So “Scared Stiff,” They’re Flipping

November 9, 2016

tom faulk brad banks bareback bromo

“Cream For Me” Is As Raw As It Looks

October 28, 2016
scared stiff gay porn nakedsword originals

When Porn Camp Is Haunted …

October 27, 2016

tom faulk brad banks bareback bromo

TRICK or treat?

October 17, 2016
tom faulk river elliot bareback

Tom Faulk Gets A Raw Deal – As If He Would Have It Any Other Way

July 20, 2016


JuicyBoys Productions Debuts New Bareback Scene With Johnny Rapid, and a Bareback ...

August 6, 2015

Is Fraternity X the Only Studio That Will Hire Tom Faulk Now?

July 13, 2015


Tom Faulk Drops In On Fraternity X, Pretends to Be a Frat Bro

May 28, 2015

Who Fucked Mike DeMarko Best This Week?

May 22, 2015


Tom Faulk Gets Tag-Teamed by Will Braun and Mike DeMarko in ‘Stag Hag’

May 19, 2015

Hey Everyone, Tom Faulk Is Looking Pretty OK Again

September 29, 2014


Watch Tom Faulk Give Dirk Caber a Lazy Blowjob, Then DP Him With Jarec Wentworth

June 27, 2014

Hey, Guys… Is Tom Faulk OK?

June 19, 2014


The Swordies: Best Nipples of 2014, Heat #1

May 16, 2014

So Many Questions: Vance Crawford Edition

March 5, 2014


Reason #9785 Why They Should Just Not Bother With the Dialogue

January 16, 2014 Clubhouse Gets Snowed In, and the Boys Have a ‘XXXMas Orgy’

December 24, 2013

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